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The technical devices installed into Cromoplastica’s Laboratories are fully dedicated to the support of QC analysis and also for the Environmental Control.

Instruments are constantly updated and upgraded. In the two production sites are installed:

Galvanic Lines in Maier Cromoplastica S.p.a. have their own sophisticated software to keep under control the production parameters; the production cycle is managed according to the dimension, form and final destination of the product and also depending on the type of finishing requested by the Customer.

Advances Technologies, full automation e high production plant flexibility allow the realization of chromed parts following technical requirements of automotive and also other market segments.

The company perform batch production, so to grant product traceability.

Internal Lab constantly monitor every single aspect in the production flow with major attention to air and water depuration , to waste treatment and energy savings so to have a maximum environment respect.

Together with the usual Bright Chrome production, Cromoplastica has the technology to supply to Customers Satin or “Allu” finishing, both with micro porous or micro crack substrate, following quality requirements made by the automotive.